Flekkefjord Shantiefestival is going to be a part of Smaabyfestivalen 2019,

Friday June 14th, 12 PM – 1 AM

Saturday June 15th, 4 PM – 1 AM




Elvegata from Bybroa (town bridge) to Tollbodsplassen and Strandgata from Spira to Jernia will not have any car traffic. Fiskebrygga is the main stage where most of the concerts will be held.

There will be smaller stages by “Tollboden,” “Høvding”, “Spor 2”, on a polish sailboat, Hidra “Kongshavn” and small concerts at the local hospital, Tjørrsvågheimen and Sundeheimen.

Conclusion concert will be at SPIRA!
Spira is an alternate scene in case of bad weather.