Why Shanties in Flekkefjord?

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We – the Kalicinski family – have lived in Flekkefjord for 7 years.

This is a beautiful city with an ideal placement for tourism.

There has always been a love for the sea and shanties in our lives. Sea dwellers and “shanty maniacs” are amazing and open people. This music, which is shanty music, connects generations.  Ever since we moved to Flekkefjord, we have praised this town to all our sea-living friends and acquaintances. Most of the people who decide to visit Flekkefjord come here by invitation. In May alone we are hosting two ships in town – STS Captain Borchart and STS Pogoria.

Together with our friend Maciej Jędrzejko, who is part of the Polish shanty group BANANA BOAT, and who also visited us last year, we came up with the idea behind Flekkefjord International Maritime Folk Festival. Why international? Because shanties are enjoyed by people all around the world. These festivals are arranged globally to bring together families and friends – so people can enjoy themselves and interact together. The idea of the festival is loved by many of the citizens. Flekkefjord needs this festival. The tourism would positively help the town locally.

Therefore, we have established an organization called Flekkefjord Shanty Festival, which includes:

  • Pawel Piotr Kalicinski
  • Magdalena Janczura
  • Ole Zacharias Torkildsen
  • Steinar Dyrli
  • Bjørn Petter Bjelland

    Brønnøysund, organisation number:, 920 443 389

In addition, we also have known cultural forces like Thor Kristian Rasmussen and Olav Henriksbø as supporters.

Our collected goal is to celebrate Flekkefjords first Shanty Festival as early as 2019.

We are hoping to invite a lot of different shanty bands to Flekkefjord, including from countries like:
Norway, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Belgium, Ireland, USA, Poland and Germany.

The festival needs many stars, also from Norway. How many stars are we going to invite? I don’t know, because it depends on how much money we manage to collect. Everyone who is part of our organization is well known and respected people in our town, and they all work for free.

Everyone working for the festival is doing it voluntarily – every penny is going into the festival.

Related to the festival, we could also organize maritime festivals and maybe also a few workshops for the younger citizens.

We are also planning small concerts for the elders and the sick in the town, who reside in hospitals and retirement homes.

We are hoping that this festival will bring in people from the outside. We want to do something for this town, and the success is dependent on all of us.

We need your involvement and economical support to make this festival a success. Together we can make Flekkefjord as well-known as Preikestolen or Kjeragbolten!

You can find more information on www.flekkefjordshanties.org and on Facebook, i International Maritime Folk Festival 2019.

We are welcoming you to work together with us.

Paweł Paco Kaliciński
Flekkefjord Shantyfestival