Goals of the IMFFF 2019

Integration of the local community Flekkefjord

Creation of international relationships between musicians

Activation of school, junior high and high school students to joint organizational activities for the city of Flekkefjord

Promotion the town and commune of Flekkefjord in Norway

Promotion Flekkefjord town in Europe and in the world

Activation of national and international tourism in Flekkefjord

Promotion of sailing in the city – as a sport activity and recreation – promotion of a healthy way of life

Promotion the culture of the Sea of different regions of the world

Promotion the idea of ​​Norway’s integration with the peoples of Europe and the world

Education of the local population in the history of Norway as a country with rich maritime traditions

Activation and inspiration of local artists: musicians, painters, sculptors, poets, writers for the creation of marine art

Organization of a cyclic event that will become a “visitcard” of Flekkefjord for travelers from around the world over the years.

Creation of Flekkefjord as “sailing Preikestolen” – for sailors from all over the world SLOGANS: “FLEKKEFJORD – SAILORS TOWN”, “FLEKKEFJORD FRIENDLY FOR SAILORS”

Activation of business environments to invest in the development of the city of Flekkefjord through the development of tourist infrastructure (boat rental facilities, yacht marinas, sailing schools, Sailor’s taverns )

Entertain patients in Flekkefjord Hospital elder people in TJØRSVÅGHEIMEN

Lots of good fun for the Citizens of Flekkefjord with ambitious, interesting, historical and modern 100% live music.